Welcome!….. H’lo?… Wes Ðū Hāl!

Welcome to my one-man parade……….

Perhaps you clicked on this tag to find out who I am, where I’ve been, what I’ve done, what I possess and perhaps what I look like.

Funny how that stuff accounts for so much. In this strange world, if ALL of those criteria pass muster, THEN the blog-shopper might read what I have to say.

That sounds a little bass-ackwards, doesn’t it? Maybe so, but I’ve been guilty of such hydrant sniffing myself more than once. Scary, but I suspect it’s normal.

In any event, who I am, where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and all of those things are reflected in how I view my world and how I express those views.

Rather than display my wall-hangers and paraphrase the substance of my life and being in terms intended to impress the web surfer and lure him or her into my sphere of intellectual influence, I’ll just say it like I see it in words that amuse my sense of the language. (My views on “credentials” and “wall-hangers” are posted elsewhere)

If the reader likes what he or she sees here, that’s nice. Glad to hear it. If the opposite is true, the reader could simply move on to more palatable environs. I’m sure most people have more important things to do than skulk around the neighborhood critiquing everyone’s taste in furniture and how they name their children.

Those few who might feel compelled to scrawl something on the bathroom wall before they sneak out the back door are certainly welcome to do so. How uninteresting the world would be if everyone saw things from the same perspective! One dimensional. Blah.

As for “style”, grammar, punctuation, and my particular idiosyncrasies in the use and alleged misuse of the English language, I would point out that I do this for my own amusement and not for a grade, gold stars, or morsels of approval. I share it because, from time to time, I have encountered a people or three who actually concur with my viewpoints or enjoy the way I blow off.

Kudos and counterpoint are welcomed, if one is so moved. Pedants, on the other hand, are invited in advance to kiss my ass and go critique someone else’s self-gratification activities if that’s what they require for self-actualization.


Thanks for stopping in.



  1. You definitely have a way with words, and no, it’s not required that I agree completely with every one of them in order for me to appreciate your skill. (Though I certainly do agree with a lot of them.) I’ve been reading over some of your ‘stuff’ the past couple of days, will probably read a bit more.

    • Well, thank you! Feel free to disagree…………life would be a bore if everyone hummed along in unison. 😎

  2. I was actually looking for something else entirely when I stumbled upon your blog. I’m happy that I did. I have enjoyed what I’ve read so far and plan to come back again.
    I especially liked what you had to say about sales and office staff being a little too familiar by using your given name. That, too, is one of my pet peeves.
    So, as long as your site is up, I’ll be stopping by from time to time to ‘listen’ to what you have to say.
    Wishing you and yours well.

    • Well, thank you very much. I appreciate your stopping by and taking the time to leave a note…8-). Some of my stuff can be a little weird, but it keeps me off the streets.


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