Posted by: JDM..... | July 19, 2016

What? Another beheading…?…

Yawn ….

In this season of more than the usual level of political brain sewage, it’s no surprise that the opposing “Gotcha” snipers are taking a few shots at Melania Trump with the same energy the Tabloid crowd would go after a 75 year old woman giving birth to quintuplets during a zip-line adventure. Don’t interpret my remarks to mean I support Mr. Trump. I most certainly do not. Nor do I support that woman with a voice like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz.

This is a bizarre election year, to be polite about it. I don’t know which would be the least harmful for the United States, but I’d have to guess that would be Trump, simply because he isn’t a politician and doesn’t know the ropes. Congress may have appeared mummified for the past few years, but I think they could come to life if they had to keep him out of any serious trouble. Anyway, he’s more likely to at least try to undo the damage perpetrated against the country by Obama administration. It’s no wonder Bernie Sanders thought he could just strut up to the plate, spit, grab his junk, and somebody could be required to hit a home run for him.

Anyway, Mrs. Trump apparently got busted quoting the current First Lady without footnotes, so the Democrats deem it appropriate that her head be removed. As a dedicated curmudgeon and once-upon-a-time editor, I’m no apologist for bona fide plagiarism, but please. Politicians haven’t said anything new in a hundred years or so. They’re all still chewing the same wad of gum Taft stuck under a barstool somewhere. Heck, even plagiarizing something that at least has some entertainment value would be a Giant Step for Mankind compared to the unending barrage of slander and character assassination that has been considered acceptable fare thus far.


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  1. Oh, I don’t think anyone called for Mrs. Trump to endure a personal penalty beyond a bit of ridicule over her gaffe. Most believe she’s the victim, not the perpetrator of the content theft. It’s more the irony of some staffer choosing to steal “the enemy’s” words, passages about hard work and being honest, and then trying to pretend the inelegant borrowing represented either original thought or authentic self-expression of the ideas.

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