Posted by: JDM..... | July 3, 2016

Happy Third of July…

…and contemplating Liberty….

Happy Third of July, everyone!

No, I haven’t made a mistake. I think this is a day worth contemplating, if not celebrating. The Third of July, I imagine, was a day of excruciating contemplation and decision making 240 years ago, while the Fourth was a day of action.

On this Third of July, many are conflicted and discouraged by the atmosphere of the 2016 election process. Every election year that I have experienced has had a certain “locker room” aura of anticipation, trash talk, and adrenalin, but 2016 is uniquely ugly, misdirected, and empty of substance.

I would like to think that we, as were our predecessors, are on the precipice of great changes, though I would also hope that “revolution” is a metaphorical reference this time. We have legitimate processes available to us through our Constitution to replace a dysfunctional government if we have the courage to use them. Our government is supposed to be robust, but it is not supposed to be chaotic and self-serving. It’s now time to access that vestigial courage and act.

We need changes, Big changes. We need to take back the power that has been ceded to those who have been elected to public office through legitimate as well as not-so-legitimate means. The “people” are supposed to be a “check and balance” with those given temporary permission to represent us, but complacency has perverted that relationship and we, the people, are now like cattle manipulated and moved around for the convenience of an elite ruling class.

Part of this mutation is basically a predictable outcome of human nature left unchecked. When well “fed”, people are wont to leave the details to those who are more than willing to take them on. When given the authority and responsibility to provide for others, it is human nature for those so endowed to seek to consolidate and enhance their power. The Founders clearly understood this and created a system of government that could maintain the balance between the people and those who have been lent temporary power. Unfortunately, those empowered to handle the details have also been empowered through complacency to serve as their own “check and balance” and the “people” are either basking in the sun at the beach or squabbling and competing for favors like animals at feeding time.

We are not cattle. That will not change if we politely ask those to whom we have ceded our responsibility and authority to self-management to disempower themselves. We should know by now that “pretty please” is an impotent gesture. By the same token, we have the authority to take the power back if we have the courage and determination to do so. The challenge is to understand that Liberty is not as enticing as Free Lunch, until the people discover that they have become the lunch.

Happy Third of July, everyone!

Contemplate it.


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