Posted by: JDM..... | April 13, 2016

Keeping it simple…

”Cut the crap….”

I read another news item this morning about that festering boil on our society’s nether regions so many Americans sport and nurture like some kind of a merit badge.

Moving in lock-step with those forces seeking to make America “free” by prescribing a one-note anthem and declaring all who live out of tune criminals,  a Mississippi lawyer has filed a lawsuit to have the symbol of the Confederacy removed from the state flag.  That’s no big deal, but attorney Carlos Moore charges that the flag is an “unconstitutional relic of slavery” that violates his dignity.

Mr. Moore asserts that he is “nobody’s second-class citizen” and doesn’t appreciate being treated as such.

If anything is unconstitutional, it would be the presumption of authority to decide what symbols, totems, or representations others are allowed to display, view, honor, or simply tolerate on the grounds that certain things threaten Mr. Moore’s dignity or make him feel like a second class citizen.

Mr. Moore, when you respect yourself, believe in yourself, and know who and what you are, nobody and no thing can violate your dignity.  Only you can do that.  So, stop it.

The vile practice of slavery ended a century and a half ago.  It has taken time to remove the relics and residuals of those evil circumstances, and for the last half century or so there has been a hard fought and concentrated effort to eliminate remaining state and federal permissions for unconstitutional barriers to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness such as the “Jim Crow” laws.  That is the extent of the law’s authority, or should be.  The rest is up to us, as a society, to change our behaviors and perspectives.

I don’t believe it was the intent of those who gave their lives to launch the Civil Rights movement so many years ago to simply transfer ownership of privileged class status to themselves by creating special rules, regulations, and opportunities for members of select populations.

Has this nation struggled through fifty plus years of growing pains in an effort to eliminate the favored status of some under the law only to have the music stop and everyone scramble for the Big chair?  Has nothing changed but the wind direction?

If any “relics of slavery” continue to muddy the waters of the United States it is because people like Mr. Moore refuse to let go of them.  One cannot selectively rewrite history, ripping out unfavorable chapters to pretend they never happened while at the same time reminding everyone on a daily basis that they did happen and expecting special treatment in perpetuity as restitution.

Humanity has an unpleasant penchant for playing badly with others, seeking to dominate, abusing power and privilege, and stealing the other guy’s stuff.  The cycle never stops because, upon achieving peace and tranquility, the formerly subdued immediately spend it on “paybacks”.  King of the Mountain is an endless pursuit, it seems

If Mr. Moore and those who share his fear of giving up “The Card” truly wishes to advocate for the betterment of humanity, it is time they pull up their big boy Garanimals and get over it.  I mean, really.  Let go of the past, move on.  Teach Sunday school, lead a Scout troop, smile, prepare wills, deeds, focus on building a future instead of claiming entitlement to one and demanding it be served on a silver platter.

In short, cut the crap.  It’s time.


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  1. Maybe the protesters of historical symbols should be required to reimburse the Government for the costs of all of these ridiculous lawsuits.

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