Posted by: JDM..... | February 23, 2016

Political fibs…

…and other misconfigured data…

Politicians lie. Now, there’s an epiphany, but then, so don’t we all, and we don’t usually believe such of ourselves any more than many politicians do. We get so wrapped up in our own game that we see very little other than the ball we have our eye on. That doesn’t change the fact, however, that when I tell you your singing was “great”, and it might actually sound like a cat fight in a barrel, I have “misconfigured the data”. No harm done, really, unless I get caught in my fib.

On the other hand, when a politician tells 325 million people that they can keep their healthcare plan, or that there will be “no new taxes”, and so forth, one can generally assume the smarmy oath is fresh off the farm. Here, the harm is done whether the politician gets busted or not.

Doug Bandow of Cato Institute wrote a piece today about financial horse feathers currently wafting about the Capitol (still?). The crux of the matter was nicely summed up in his second paragraph, and I’ll simply quote it verbatim.

President Barack Obama would have everyone believe that he has placed federal finances on sound footing. The deficit did drop from over a trillion dollars during his first years in office to “only” $439 billion last year. But the early peak was a result of emergency spending in the aftermath of the financial crisis and the new “normal” is just short of the pre-financial crisis record set by President George W. Bush. The reduction is not much of an achievement.

It goes down hill from there. If you think you can stand a few unpleasant truths, follow the YellowBrickRoad link below and…enjoy…or, whatever……


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