Posted by: JDM..... | January 13, 2016

Nice way to start the day…

this is Maine….

Photographs are nice, but sometimes it would be just a little awkward to grab a camera, pop off the lens cap, aim, compose, and click while tooling down I-95. I won’t say it hasn’t been done, but today was not the day to try such a stunt. We had our first notable snowstorm of the season last night, believe it or not, and with 40 MPH wind gusts, slick spots tended to inhabit every stretch of roadway not sheltered by woods or native geology. Rubbernecking is unavoidable, of course, and I’m not about to change my driving style at this stage of the game. Rubbernecking ensued.

Anyway, this morning I saw two scenes wherein I had to settle for quick mind-prints. They are usually better than the real thing anyway, just difficult to share.

The first was spotted down in the wooded ravine bordering the on-ramp to the highway near our home. During the winter months when snow blankets the ground, I always eyeball the embankments and fields bordering the roads and highways hoping to spot wildlife foraging. That particular on-ramp seems to be a favorite gathering place for local wild turkeys, and I often see a tom standing proud and shiny up on the hillside overseeing his “gang”. This morning, it was very cold and very windy, but I spotted a half dozen turkeys hunkered down near the bottom of the ravine, apparently more interested in shelter than food at the moment.

Deer under tree_001

Five miles down the road, where I left the highway, I glanced off toward a thinly wooded area to my right and saw a postcard shot of two deer in silhouette laying down in the snow under a small tree.

I thought this was a nice way to start the day.


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