Posted by: JDM..... | May 17, 2015


that have worn out their welcome. ….

With the passing of such sources of quality communication as Real Journalism, William F. Buckley, and several others that come to mind, our language has been getting stale.

Each generation historically has dumped the “must know” lexicon of its predecessor, created at least one new term or word out of thin air, and perhaps redefined some formerly unremarkable word into the newest obscenity.

Advances in science and technology contribute their share of new words, phrases, and concepts to the language as well, of course.

It struck me while searching for some cerebral sustenance one evening that every so often, an old word or turn of phrase fails to be retired, replaced, rendered obscene, or to just fade away or to have the common decency to simply take a hike and never be heard from again. These hangers-on deserve to be assassinated, which is one of my reasons for missing the surgically precise word symphonies of Buckley and for lamenting the dearth of great journalists. Dead words were summarily banished by both.

Absent other modes of disposal, I’d like to suggest a few candidates for verbal extinction should the opportunities arise.

First on my list would be:


(to be continued… )

~-~* * *~-~


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