Posted by: JDM..... | April 18, 2015

The Word of Man…

a view from 2015…

I once wrote a short piece of fiction called “Bob” regarding what might transpire if only one or two people were left on our planet. I thought it might be interesting to speculate about how things may have played out when, say only one or two human beings had yet come to be. Fiction? Of course, but a seriously considered allegory as well.


It would be highly unlikely for things to have started off with a single human being wandering around trying to figure out what the heck was going on. It isn’t even likely that the beginning began with two human beings suddenly coming to be, and as luck would have it, that they happened to be of different genders, which facilitated reproduction. I’m sure the real story is far too complex for me to get a handle on like that, so I will simply say that I tend to look to science for such truths.

The question remains then. Where do I look for the other kinds of answers dealing with matters that cannot be seen or touched but that are nevertheless a major part of the human existence? I would suggest that the answer to that question would be the same today as it was the very first time it was posed; I look within. I would suggest that at some point during the past million or so years, a few upright bipeds who had the capacity for reason and a certain amount of introspection came onto the scene and did the same thing. They began to ponder their own existence. And they came up with some answers.

Starting out with no knowledge meant, of course, that they had to make stuff up and wait to see if it worked. Over the millennia, the lore grew and was eventually put into written form. These several written formats serve as the Rule Books for the major Western religions of today. Those who follow the Christian religion look to the Bible as their text, though estimates are that there are anywhere from 21,000 to 43,000 versions of Christianity in the world and many have edited and produced their own interpretations of what the Good Book says and what it means. It would seem logical that not all could be “right”. Then again, could they all be “wrong”? Could they all be both? And, most important of all, does it really matter?

My answer would be, apparently it does matter to each denomination, as their interpretations speak to their own needs. My answer would also be, it doesn’t matter to me because I see such anthologies as the Word of Man as he struggled over the centuries to understand the teachings of a man named Jesus. While these writings provide both an interesting view of history and some of the greatest wisdom of all time, I do not accept them as the Word of any “deity”. They are the word of Man, sometimes well served, and sometimes serving mainly the narrow agendas, or the aspirations for wealth and power, of Men.


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