Posted by: JDM..... | November 10, 2014

The Affordable Care Act scam….

and the currency of need….

Let’s be clear from the start. I’m not overly fond of President Obama, and I see the “Affordable Care Act” as being neither affordable nor caring, but most assuredly counter to the principles of the United States of America. Yes, I’m preaching to the choir, so those who have no intention of being weaned and those named Paul who actually like seeing Peter get robbed might just as well go read a comic book or something. You’ll either not like what I have to say, won’t understand it, or both.


We’re like children. We stretch permissions and presumed permissions to the limit, just like a toddler explaining “…but I thought you meant I could eat the whole box of cookies…”

The last time I looked, neither the Constitution of the United States, nor the one of my state, says anything about healthcare being a “Right“, nor do they declare it a privilege, nor do they suggest or imply that our “rights” must be paid for by way of the government confiscating and redistributing the earned income of the entire working population. Expanding the declared rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” to include increasingly more generous interpretations of what those three words mean over recent decades has obscured the underlying principles whereby the Founders saw the wisdom in declaring equal access to the benefits of citizenship for all so as to prevent the development of privilege by class and classification. They were breaking loose from the centuries old tradition of self indulgent and pampered monarchy and nobility. Equal access to the water in the well was of primary significance.

It still is, but serial amendments, exceptions, special cases, and simply drawing the longest straw at the right time have created a cesspool of privilege and denial, with a pseudo-monarchy formed of the incestuous mutual ear nibbling of government and industry.

Think about it. The evolution of a welfare society, a path we embarked upon long before the unnamed recruited a relatively unknown and unremarkable Illinois Senator to put his name on what would be called the Affordable Care Act, includes outcomes the naive and overly passionate don’t know about or refuse to see.

No matter what one calls it, any process by which the population is mandated to buy a product it doesn’t want, from vendors set up by the government, and regulations are tweaked and reinterpreted to establish the Internal Revenue Service as the National Repo Man to confiscate the assets of any who dare to say no….is NOT VOLUNTARY. Using such carefully vetted terminology for the Liberal rape of the American people as “Affordable” and “Care” is a travesty of language and morality. It has proven to NOT be affordable in many instances and has failed to demonstrate affordability in others. The administration and its handlers did a bit of hot-shoe dancing to finalize plans to put lipstick on the proverbial pig and sell it as a centerfold.

Playing musical pockets with the money to make something look “affordable” or “free” doesn’t make it so. That’s like buying a $35,000 car marked down to $25,000 because you “save” $10,000, even though you know it’s a phony deal. What the hey, it sounded good…..

Make no mistake. This scam was not put together by idiots, and it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to parse it down to truth and consequences. If the Republicans think they can do that, they are fools. The only sensible recourse is to just flat out repeal it, and that’s not without serious consequences either.

Remember Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s iconic pronouncement “We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It“…?

If it is subsequently decided that some sort of federally influenced healthcare system is needed and wanted, not only by a healthier Congress, an appropriate President, and serious, transparent research, but by a direct vote by the people rather than by cabal of whispering politicians and their ménage à quiconque partners in crime, then perhaps that’s the way it will end up going. Between now and then, we must recognize that we’ve “been had” and decide exactly what we plan to do about it. Voting is not enough, because too many of those we elect are a part of the problem.

When something like “Obamacare” is perpetrated in the name of “helping the people who need help,” keep in mind the modern hobby of creative linguistics. What is meant by help? What is meant by people, and how does one distinguish between those who need that “help” and those who should pay for it…and how?

As former President Clinton so eloquently put it back in 1998, “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.

The dynamic has very little wiggle room. Consider four subpopulations:

  • (1) the poor who are not insured and don’t currently qualify for medical care under preexisting programs such as Social Security and Medicare, and who supposedly would benefit from a government mandated healthcare system;

  • (2) the wage earner and members of the “middle class” who are employed, have insurance, have access to healthcare, and will end up paying the most for a mandated government controlled program they don’t need;

  • (3) Elected and appointed officials of government who benefited from passage of the ACA, and who are conveniently exempt;

  • (4) those behind the scenes who benefit financially from government programs and mandates by participating in operating and servicing the “machinery”.

In this scenario, two groups will benefit, and not all “benefits” are financial. Money is the currency of the middle class. Power is the currency of others such as politicians and “royalty”. The wealthiest don’t need money. They can point at something and it is taken care of for them. Fame and stature are forms of currency, too. I recall one college professor talking about this topic and about how different classes steal and what their “currency” was. The lower income brackets, the working poor, were said to steal “time“. I wonder if that is the case anymore, since so many have been introduced to the currency of need.

Thus, the ones who stand to benefit the most from the Affordable Care Act are groups (3) and (4). Just enough of group (1) will see some improvement in certain areas to lend an air of legitimacy to the ACA, but the largest group of all, group (2) not only ends up paying for the ACA through confiscated income, but experiences disruption in their own existing insurance and care. They lose. Period. Cattle. There are more than the obvious reasons for so much ranting about rebuilding the middle class! This is the biggest act of organized crime since Guido made his rounds in Chicago and elsewhere back in the twenties and thirties “helping” people to not get their knees pulverized.

One of the saddest things I can imagine would be for young people of today to experience the USA my generation experienced in the sixties and seventies. It was a time of fire in the streets, armed troops patrolling American cities, fighting, assassinations. The other saddest thing I can think of would be for nobody to act, for the heart and soul of the United States to be surgically removed and then be replaced by a government programmed computer, one that they are required to pay for.


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