Posted by: JDM..... | August 5, 2014

Sleight of credibility…..

and other goon-worthy schticks….

Not being a rabid sports fan, let alone a follower of the L. A. Clippers, I have no ax to grind regarding that aspect of the matter, but I do have some thoughts about the whole Donald Stirling dustup in general.

The manner in which the allegations of his politically incorrect remarks came to light, the rapidity with which the issue came to dominate the “news”, the precision with which the man was tried, convicted, and executed in the media, and the whole sordid D-movie plot of his alleged dalliance with Miss Stiviano make it virtually impossible to not conclude that this was a scripted series of events. “They” didn’t like they guy, and “they” came up with a way to unload him that, if it hadn’t been so nasty, would have been laughably corny. Someday, maybe we’ll hear “the rest of the story”, but I doubt it.


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