Posted by: JDM..... | April 30, 2014

The religion of PC.….

and the word police…..

Being retired with a lot of time on my hands, and essentially the same attitude I had when I was eighteen, curmudgeonry was a natural for me. I’m one who, if shown a painting, is compelled to take it off the wall and look at the back, and then re-hang it upside down, just to see how it looks and make note of how my responses might change.

I can’t help but look at the news each day in the same manner, “taking it off the wall to see the back, and re-hanging it upside down“. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a personality disorder. I’d just say I happen to see my universe through the (left) eye of a cartoonist, and through the (right) eye of an editorialist, both of which I’ve done since my high school newspaper days with varying degrees of reward and consequence.

I’m not particularly surprised therefore, that the brouhaha over the alleged behavior of Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, got my attention and won’t let go. True to form, and with absolutely no apology or thoughts of changing my stripes, it isn’t the rotten behavior itself that interests me, though it was undeniably crass and low rent.

If you rummage around in anybody’s laundry basket you’ll find something you’ll wish you hadn’t.

What fascinates me, and riles me, are:

  • 1- How the incriminating tapes were obtained in the first place, and the largely unanswered questions of by whom and for what purpose.

  • 2- Reportedly, they’ve known for years that Sterling’s personality and character didn’t exactly parallel his name, but there has been virtually no reaction to that state of affairs until now. Why? What is to be gained now that wasn’t available before?

  • 3- Unpopular credos, offensive words and behaviors, and being obnoxious to unimaginable levels have always incurred the wrath of whatever society they occurred in, including the United States, but I am dismayed that we have reached the point where a man can have his wealth confiscated and his freedom to own property curtailed because of something he said or is reputed to think.

I’m more than dismayed. I’m offended. I’m angry. I’m concerned about the future of this country.

If some unnamed person was to sneak into my home and hide recording devices in order to capture my every display of rude speech, politically incorrect comment, possibly treasonous remarks, reputed cardinal sins, free-range potty mouth, and various shameless body noises, with the intent to publicly distribute said “entertainment” (Which I would be the first to admit would be inappropriate for that venue, and wasn’t intended for it anyway), I’d be spending my time in a court of law for assault with a deadly weapon, not for the naughty things I might have said before I shot the son of a bitch. Lucky me. Billionaires and such don’t normally find their way into court. They get to run the media gauntlet and suffer disembowelment or beatification according to whims of Neilson Ratings and various Press Associations instead of according to the rule of law, and whether or not they actually did anything criminal.

That distinction, of course, is muddied by political spikes and creative legislation by those empowered to hem and haw over what’s criminal and what’s not.

Don’t scoff. The hard drive on my computer isn’t big enough to list the collection of asinine laws that have been passed in this country just in my lifetime, both on the local level and federally.

That is not to say there haven’t been a great many truly brilliant and courageous actions taken by various ruling bodies. There have been. It is not just because of creative imagination that Americans have long felt justified in strutting about and being proud since before my great-great grandfather was born, but if something doesn’t change soon, creative imagination may become the primary standard all too quickly.

I have experienced or witnessed the phenomenal changes that have taken place in our society since the middle of WWII. Many of the changes between that world and today have been very positive, but a significant portion of those changes actually took place decades ago. In our efforts to smooth out the rough edges since their inception, however, some really unfortunate circumstances have been permitted to develop.

In a nutshell, we have not necessarily eliminated the evils of discrimination, favoritism, and so forth as much as we’ve played a game of musical chairs with them, enforcing the outcomes with special rules and regulations to the point that one of the most elite and privileged designations one can attain now is to be part of a “special interest” group. Woe be unto those who are not so associated should they say or do anything that hurts the feelings of, or annoys, those who are.

The drawing and quartering of Donald Sterling is a prime example.

Those inclined to march in step and those who are more concerned with being politically correct than in being correct will, of course disagree with me and may even seek to discredit my elevation to Second Class as a Boy Scout back in the early fifties, or something. No matter. When I express an opinion, I either stand behind it, or recant if I come to believe I was wrong. I don’t think I have recanted because someone else thought I was wrong since I left home so many years ago, and I stand by this one.

Make no mistake. The statements made by Donald Sterling that were recorded were repugnant and offensive, especially to the athletes and men of African heritage who, understandably, took his remarks quite personally. But, amidst their anger and indignation, perhaps they would do well to recall that, in addition to risking unprecedented defiance and determination, it was the courageous, sometimes dangerous, and always hard fought application of the rule of law that removed them, their parents, and perhaps even their grandparents, if they are young enough, from the pall of inhumanity.

Even so, their mission is not yet finished, as some of their noted leaders have said, but that is not simply because they haven’t managed to check off everything on their lengthy agenda yet.

They will find that their campaign will be won only when they choose to stop looking behind themselves and start looking forward.


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  1. Well said. I, for one, am sick and tired of the reporting of one stupid individual that thinks differently than almost everybody else. Let him think what he wants. If you don’t want to associate with him, DON’T!! But don’t try to confiscate his assets simply because you don’t like what he thinks. Besides, I understand there is MUCH MORE to the tape than has been shared in the media. Perhaps if we had heard it all, we wold understand his rantings in a totally different context – such as a tirade against something his girlfriend said/did to really piss him off, leading to the aforementioned tirade. Doesn’t excuse it, but may put it in an entirely different light. Just a thought. He’s still an A__hole.

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