Posted by: JDM..... | May 30, 2013

It’s about the Bobbitts….

so I’ll cut the story short…,….

Part of my morning routine, after slugging down a couple of cups of black coffee, reading the paper, eating my breakfast, and putting my teeth in to prepare for the day’s grind….in that order….is to log on to my computer and scan the latest offerings of MSN. I’d like to compare the task to scanning the lawn for the neighbor’s dog’s latest offerings. There, I did.

Much as I hate to admit it….which is a gratuitous lie, because if I was truly averse to admitting it, I’d simply lie about it…I glean the offal heap of internet journalism for blog inspiration. Admit it….so do you. Or lie about it.

This morning, I was presented with a pointless little filler piece about whatever happened to such icons of American character as Monica Lewinski, Casey Anthony, et al, including a particularly mesmerizing “who gives a shit” piece about Lorena and John Bobbitt. John, if you remember, had to be reMEMBERED after he was DISmembered in gruesome act of domestic violence by his slightly annoyed wife, Lorena. It’s not the type of story that warms the cockles of my heart, so I try not to spend much time on them, but this one, in a strange twist, actually induced a belly laugh (I just can’t bring myself to say it “left me in stitches”).

While John undeniably delivered a less than stellar performance as a human being and husband, that certainly shouldn’t justify paybacks in kind, or in spades. If removing a man’s penis with a kitchen knife doesn’t fall under the general definition of “domestic violence”, I don’t know what does.

Nevertheless, having given up on any fantasies about becoming a surgeon, Lorena now heads up a non-profit organization called Lorena’s Red Wagon, dedicated to providing financial and educational support to groups striving to raise awareness about Domestic Violence.

Um….film at eleven?

Oh, God, I hope not…..


~-~* * *~-~



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