Posted by: JDM..... | February 23, 2013

Performance anxiety…..

… the age of conditioned inadequacy…

It’s a cruel world out there. I mean, look at all of those TV ads dealing with one body function or another. When I was young, the old black and white featured ads for cigarettes, beer, cars that could rip the tires off the rims at half throttle, and the best kind of grease to keep one’s ducktail in place. Now that I’m seriously older, and the world is a healthier place without all of those ads for cigarettes, beer, cars that sucked up 20 cent gas like there was no tomorrow, and I no longer have ducktails, or that much hair either for that matter, the HD flat screen on the other side of the living room features more pharmaceuticals than an old PDR.

For those unfamiliar with the PDR, it was always standard equipment in any medical facility. A huge catalogue of every pill known to humankind, one could look up just about anything one wanted to know about a medication, or, on a slow day, use it to chock airplane wheels down at the airport.

Anyway, I don’t know what’s wrong with people these days that they need a pill just to pick up the remote and change channels. The models in those anti-aging potions and lotions ads look like they’re barely out of high school, and the guys in those “Not tonight dear, I’ve got a flat tire” ads all look under fifty and drip testosterone. If you ask me, I think their problem might be between their ears rather than their knees anyway. Think about it. In the ads for Cialis, His eyes meet Her eyes, they drop their paint brushes, the walls move, parents across America get ready to cover their children’s eyes………and the scene shifts to the happy couple out dining, dancing, or sitting in bathtubs in the middle of a field somewhere. That’s It? Pfffft! In the Viagra ads, there aren’t any women, but just all sorts of macho men eyeballing farm animals. Either those pills have some bizarre side effects or those guys need serious therapy.


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  1. Love it!

    • Thank you!

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