Posted by: JDM..... | February 20, 2013

Joe Biden on self defense…..?

…..Next up: Mike Tyson on anger management…

Vice President Joe Biden, tapping into his vast understanding of firearms and self defense, advises Americans concerned about home safety to buy a double barreled shotgun. He said he lives in a rural wooded area and he told his wife that if she heard someone coming in, just go out on the back step and fire off a couple of rounds.

The logic escapes me. He says nobody needs an AK47 and nobody needs to fire off 30 rounds. Um, Joe, how many pellets do you imagine are in a couple of 12 gauge shells? When you pull the trigger of a rifle or handgun, you have a reasonable opportunity to decide where the lead will fly and what it will hit. When you pull the trigger on a shotgun, you’ll hit just about anything and anyone in front of you depending on range, the type of load used, and the “choke”. Whether you blow a large hole clean through the target or just piss them off also depends on many things.

Frankly, if I heard strange footsteps coming up the stairs in the middle of the night, my goal would be to either intimidate the intruder into turning around and running his butt off, or drop him in his tracks. Destroying my home isn’t part of the game plan, nor is ricocheting little pieces of lead all over the area endangering my family, my pets, and myself. The first gun I ever hunted with was a double barreled 12 gauge, and it packs quite a wallop. Besides, I don’t know about Joe’s neighborhood, but even here in rural Maine I can’t imagine walking around with a double barreled 12 gauge for my safety. Even my .357 revolver is a bit unwieldy for everyday company, and if I was inclined to carry my weapon around with me (in compliance with concealed carry regulations, of course) I’d prefer a 9 mm or smaller caliber semi-automatic like a .32 Beretta.

I think Joe Biden needs to stick to standing behind the President with a toady grin on his face and leave the firearms and self-defense advice to the NRA.


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  1. I would have no personal use for an AK, myself. I do understand some prefer them for hunting. I don’t see the issue with those folks having them.
    I have a 12 gauge. It pretty much stays in it’s case in the closet. If I tried firing the 12 gauge in my house at an intruder, the way these houses were built way back when, I’d have to replace a good sized chunk of the structure and have the possibility of hitting a neighboring house. Also, as you pointed out, I’m not wanting to tick off the intruder by pelting him with bird shot. I want to stop him in his tracks. I keep a legally registered 9 mm within reach for such emergencies.
    Maybe before Biden start trying to think and spout off about self defense and shotguns he should consult his predecessor.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting! And, y’know, self defense, hunting, and fighting off the British aren’t the only justifications for owning firearms. Some of us just plain enjoy them. Like anything else, used safely, it’s no big deal.

  2. Well said. And to think he is only a heart beat away from being President!!

    • Hey, Richard, nice to hear from you!

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