Posted by: JDM..... | August 21, 2012

On Stepping in political doo-doo….

and the old “my adjective is bigger than your adjective” face-off………

Perhaps more politically toxic than anything except getting caught sleeping with a member of the opposing party, the worst thing a candidate or his kin can step in while traversing the imaginary Lawn of Squeaky Clean Political Correctness in the course of an election year is the Stupid Comment.

When such an event occurs, as is hilariously inevitable, the tabloid media (I know, that’s a redundancy) jump on it like crows on road kill, and those also vying for the Money Chair celebrate it with the intensity of a newly graduated colorectal surgeon testing for Fellowship.

The current headliner, which has Missouri Republican Rep. Todd Akin frantically scraping off his wingtips and Democrats high-fiving, is a case in point. Only in an election year could what is essentially little more than a “dumb-ass remark” (DAR) generate such a feeding frenzy of pious one-upmanship. Democrats attack Roget’s in search of adjectives with which to condemn the “DAR”, while Republicans defy death on a high wire of purity where the penalty for failure to successfully transcend the span is either presumed kinship with the One of the Soiled Shoe or, even worse, becoming the next public figure to have to run with the DAR Baton of Embarrassment




  1. While I don’t support the “war on women” theory that is a current political spin point, I do think the Adkin comment is more than a DAR. It has hit a button with women because it brings into the light of day that there is still A LOT of misogynous attitudes in our culture that no one wants to admit but that many women still feel. I think there are many people, men and women sadly enough, that still believe that rape is somehow the woman’s fault. They may not acknowledge it publicaly, but questions about a victims dress, actions, choices still creep into the conversation. And the stupidity of the idea that a woman’s body can somehow prevent a pregnancy if it’s a “real” rape is beyond belief. How can someone with so little understanding of the human body, especially the female body, claim the right to sit in judgment as an elected official and pass legislation that determines what a woman can or cannot do with her own body? Maybe if our piloticians would stop using the abortion issue, which was decided by the Supreme Court decades ago, as a way to gain or lose votes, maybe we the people would be subjected to the media sycophants on such a regular basis.

  2. Dems vs. Republicans…yes, we DO need a third party in there!!!

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