Posted by: JDM..... | May 10, 2012

Expedient political self-flagellation……

it’s getting deep out there, and the flies are thick….

The tsunami of “public apologies” of late is enough to make even the most hardened of sycophants wretch. Now Republican nominee-apparent Mitt Romney has stepped up to the podium to engage in his own timely self-flagellation. Will it never end?

The incumbent President and defender of the throne isn’t without ample openings for spitballs and rotten vegetables, of course, but he’s not known for the ingenuous groveling of current popularity. It doesn’t matter. Even if Obama did apologize for something, nobody would know what he actually had said; he’d just get credit for having said it well. The man can talk for a half an hour and not say a friggin’ thing. His credibility is still evolving, I guess.

Anyway, regarding Mr. Romney…….the Attila the Dork of the 2012 election season…..the story seeping across the floor today has him saying he’s sorry for some of the dumb things he did in prep school. I can’t believe he could be such an unconscionable suck, and I can’t believe the press is eating the whole thing. Apologize for adolescent behavior? Good grief, man, what’s next, self immolation for having soiled a diaper or three?

I have a policy. If it’s old enough to have mold on it, I leave it alone. Oh, I may privately beat myself up from time to time over some foolishness that pops up out of nowhere to haunt me, but I don’t feel the need to park my ass in the Town Square and own up to anything. Half of the people I pissed off are dead anyway, and the rest probably don’t remember, so why stir up trouble? Those few who might remember some ill advised shenanigan don’t know where I live. I got away with it. Evidently I learned from the experiences as there (usually) weren’t any encores. Case closed.

Look around you the next time you go shopping or just happen to be standing somewhere marveling at the vast variety of quirks, gestures, personal hygiene, and taste in clothing that is floating by you at any given moment. Every single one of those people has gotten away with some terrible deed that has the power to embarrass them at best or incarcerate them at the worst. Most don’t give a damn. Well, they do to a point, but only inasmuch as they are grateful they didn’t have to wear a Scarlet Letter for life over it, but when a guy with grey in his hair hasn’t cleaned house over some panty raid from a number of decades ago, or hasn’t gotten over it, he’s either got issues, he’s full of field flop, or he’s running for office; maybe all three.

Personally, I’ve never regretted anything I didn’t enjoy the hell out of first, and any apology forty or fifty years later would draw more flies than a pig farm in July anyway.


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