Posted by: JDM..... | March 25, 2012

Race a straw man issue in Florida shooting….

bad judgment, responsibility are relevant…not…..comparative melanin riddles…..

The question has been raised about why the Florida shooting of an unarmed teen is being scooted into the “Racist” spotlight. Stand back. No pushing. I have the answer.

Because it works….because it “sells”. Simple as that.

Now, before Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al get their skivvies in a knot, I have to point out that I fully acknowledge that some people don’t like other people simply because of such denominators as melanin prevalence, body build, hair color and style, last name, first name, favorite vegetable, or what high school they went to, but all of those earn a resounding “so what?” Welcome to the biosphere.

In the long run, subjecting Zimmerman to mind-melding a la Spock to discern what might have been going through his beady little mind before his bullet went through Martin’s has no bearing on the matter. It doesn’t make Martin any more or less dead. Bringing questionable, speculative, and in my opinion irrelevant issues of Comparative Melanin Commentary into the investigation is no more germane than what the players had for breakfast.

Why the heck was a “Neighborhood Watch” volunteer strutting around packing heat in the first place? Last I heard, such organizations were formed to provide extra eyes for the professional law enforcement agencies, not to act in their stead. This would be a reasonable and actionable question to pursue.

If it is common practice for members of that particular group to be armed while cruising their territory, could that tradition be changed without changing the mission? If it was deemed reasonable to carry weapons during that activity, perhaps clarity could be brought to where the responsibilities of volunteers end and those of professionals begin.

Carrying a weapon for self defense is not the issue here. Many people choose to be armed. Carrying a weapon while acting as a de facto extension of legally empowered police organizations, but without the training and screening required of those professionals, is a tragedy waiting for an opportunity to happen.

….and, one did.



  1. I’m about to post one myself on this subject, different slant. I waited to read yours until I was done so as not to influence my train of thought. You make a valid and interesting point. I don’t get why a neighborhood watch would be carrying either. But I do think the race issue has been pushed forward because of law enforcement treated this tragedy. They seem to have done not even the minimal investigation into what happened and decided it was justified. Why? The kid was on the phone, which means they have an audio witness. The 911 tapes make no mention of this guy even attempting to identify himself as sort of authority person. This kid was by himself, of course he is going to get away as quickly as possible with some unknown and I identified person following him. Why did none of that seem to factor into the actions of the shooter? What exactly did this kid do to make this rent-a-cop believe he was suspicious? I can understand the reaction

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