Posted by: JDM..... | January 28, 2012

Blame it on the dog

just sayin’….

I grew up in a family with a dog. Although I was known to slip Cocoa something I found unpalatable from my plate occasionally, I don’t recall her taking heat for something one of the humanoid members of the household was responsible for. Nevertheless, I can appreciate the humor of the “blame it on the dog” shtick and all of the opportunities the concept presents. I’m sure if the potential consequences for me had warranted hanging some sin on Cocoa, and assuming the transposition had been believable, of course, I’d have jumped right on it.

I’m glad I grew up with a dog. Cocoa was right there during fourteen of my crucial developmental years, ready, albeit unwittingly, to host responsibility for virtually any breakage, missing edibles, embarrassing smears on floor or wall, and foul odors which might occur within sight, smell, or earshot of my parents.

I have to wonder, though…. What do people with less dynamic life forms as companions do? I can’t fathom trying to hang some rude noise or offensive odor at the dinner table on the family guppy.


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