Posted by: JDM..... | August 14, 2010

Doctor Oxymoron’s Pending DSM-V Profile… 

…..or “open mouth, insert plug”…

This is a bit off-topic for me, as the media concerned doesn’t normally merit shelf space in my head. However, the nature of the incident caught my eye while plowing through the daily effluvium of MSN’s sorry offerings and I felt the urge to comment.

First of all, those who call themselves “Doctor”, hang shingles on the airwaves, and use their presumed expertise to entertain the nation’s voyeurs, exemplify the concept of “oxymoron” as well as that of the regular kind. I don’t think there is much that could be added to clarify that statement further, so I’ll proceed to Part Two of my observations regarding “Doctor Laura” Schlessinger’s recent shit-storm.

During one of her recent broadcasts, she engaged a caller in a set-to that was characteristically neither therapeutic nor informative. “Dr.” Laura used the relatively benign issue of the woman’s annoyance with a crass neighbor’s boorish remarks about her interracial marriage to launch into a crass and boorish power-trip of her own, rife with verbal exhibitionism. The fact that she seized the opportunity to diddle the notorious “N” word with the fervor of a pubescent girl’s first discovery of the “G Spot” was of minor interest, in my opinion, and hardly worthy of the subsequent attention it received. She repeatedly interrupted or talked over the surprisingly gracious caller’s attempts to respond and keep the conversation on track, but it was her party and I suppose she could behave the ass if she wanted. The “N” word itself has been appropriately pummeled into irrelevance over the past fifty years and really only garners the passion of those who need a hobby these days, while it transitions to its new home among other linguistic archaisms, both pleasant and unpleasant.

Rather than further embarrassing herself with empty apologies and other impotent backpedaling exercises, the good “Doctor” might consider a timely retirement from the tabloid airwaves and a career change that would provide peace of mind to all concerned.

Can you say “Would you like fries with that?”


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