Posted by: JDM..... | March 22, 2010

The Descent Continues…..

…..or “swan diving into an empty pool”…

Some have rationalized the health care coup is like social Security, Medicare, etc. ……….. there are many analogies to this kind of thinking, many of them describing progressive insertion justifications by adolescent boys cajoling gullible adolescent girls that small increments of added involvement won’t do any harm and won’t constitute total surrender……

Be that as it may, although I am retired and and dependent upon Social Security and Medicaid, I am reminded that my grandfather, his father, and his father before him on back as far as one cares to figure survived well into old age, in their own homes, without such “programs” despite the fact that they were simple working men, fishermen, and farmers.

It would be devastating to cancel Social Security and other such things abruptly because we have adapted to them. That fact neither makes them right nor justifies “just a little deeper” into of the quagmire of dependency on Big Government.

Keep in mind, government is reactive, not pro-active. It reacts to a crisis by increasing its hold on the populace. Social Security would never have occurred in good times, and it didn’t go away when good times returned.

Such is the descent into Never Never Land…………..



  1. I trust big government with things like this, than the fucking stranglehold of insurance companies looking to make nothing more than a profit.

    • Thanks for your input, but I heartilly disagree.

      Government is going to fix this? Good grief, government helped CAUSE it through regulatory collusion, aiding and abetting the creation of Managed Care and HMOs which was the first step in taking treatment out of the hands of the providers and adding layers of bureaucratic horse crap. That, my friend, is how costs went sky high and accessibility went into the toilet.

      Although they are by no means innocent, the insurance industry will go through the “theater” of being the sacrificial goat, only to arise shortly thereafter from the ashes, under government tutelage, to save the day…..

      Oldest scam in the book……..

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