Posted by: JDM..... | February 27, 2010

The well is dry…..

…..and they wanna buy buckets…?

OK, let’s stand back and take a look at what is going on here for a second.

The Six O’clock News gives a rundown of who pled their cases before the various state budget committees that day, each seeking to convince those responsible for doling out the Public Largess that his particular absolutely necessary and heart-rending cause is more absolutely necessary and heart-rending than everybody else’s. It certainly isn’t “News” that the public larders are bare and gathering dust just about everywhere. It’s quite an eye opener, or should be.

As a society, we’ve spent the last half century drooling over our fences and coveting neighbors’ lawns and drafting one scheme after another to ask the Federal Government to ensure that no lawn goes ungreened. In fact, whole populations have forgone the menial chores of everyday husbandry altogether in order to concentrate on the more complex tasks of gathering statistics, developing quantification schedules, designing measurement formulae, and scheduling and catering meetings to regularly discuss all of the above, so that today one has to wonder just how many still actually know their asses from page eight when it comes to getting down on one’s hands and knees in the dirt and planting a lawn. Doesn’t matter. We’re short on seed, fertilizer, and only one in ten even has a lawn mower anymore let alone knows how to use one.

And yet, unbelievably, right in the middle of this economic drought, throngs are screaming for the government to take on health care as well. Good grief, the “dealer” has shrugged and said, “sorry, I’m flat out of the drugs you’ve come to depend on me for,” and the junkies have decided he can be relied upon to supply them with free Rehab now that the party is starting to stutter.

Dumber than bread, and greedy as hyenas hiding in the dark waiting for someone to come along and kill something for them…..


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