Posted by: JDM..... | February 27, 2010

Internet journalism…..

…..oxymoron of the millenium…?

One has to give MSNBC credit. They may not ask the biggest questions but they sure are consistent at addressing the dumbest ones, or at least in addressing the biggest ones in the dumbest ways. If some guy solved the mysteries of nuclear fusion, MSNBC would want to know what he ate for breakfast on alternate Tuesdays and whether or not he drives a Prius.

Today’s winner was a story with the teaser Big quake question: Is nature out of control? Our sleaziest supermarket tabloids couldn’t shake a stick at internet keyboarding’s Keystone Kops when it comes to squeezing a sense of urgency out of the pointless with the fervor of a fourteen year old latching onto a Big One in front of the bathroom mirror

Nature “out of control”?

What the hell does that mean?

Was nature ever IN control?

Is it even supposed to be, and if so, according to whom?

What self-appointed Neo-Creator gets to define “control” and describe the up to date parameters of that condition?

Presuming someone has the inclination to answer the Big Question, who do they propose to blame? The Republicans? Exxon? Osama bin Laden? Liberals? Jews? Wal-Mart? Gay marriage? The opposition to gay marriage?

There is an endless menu of fascinating science to be explored concerning the nature of our planet and its ebbs and flows. But to approach such a subject with such an incompetently contrived headline is more than sad.

Good grief! If today’s internet “news” is any kind of an indicator of the quality of information tomorrow’s youth will depend on for decision making and values formulation, we might as well start handing out loin-cloths and pointed sticks now to get in on the ground level of the next great advancement of humankind.


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