Posted by: JDM..... | February 19, 2010

Plushenko’s prima donna syndrome…..

…how about a brown medal for egoism?

Every four years I become a sports fan. I love watching the Olympics. The rest of the time I’m not really into spending half of my time and mental energy watching folks scramble for trophies and endorsement contracts. No matter who wins what, I’m sentenced to being told by them what to eat, drink, wear, wash with, wipe my butt with; what to take for a headache, arthritis, depression, anxiety, upset stomach, fifteen different skin conditions, PMS, ED, and bad breath; what to drive, what to put on my lawn, what to feed my dog, cat, horse, or any other critters including cockroaches and ants that may be unwelcome squatters rather than pets. Why is it that some guy who’s only credential happens to be brain damage is a world expert on what kind of appliance I should grill a goddamned sandwich on?

Be that as it may, I generally forgo the Spokesmen Selection Process except for when the Olympics roll around, so naturally I’ve had the pleasure of watching some of the world’s finest athletes vie for top honors in Vancouver recently. In fact, I’ve only questioned my dedication once, and that was the time spent watching Evgeny Plushenko discount the ability of Evan Lysacek, the man who beat him out for the gold in Men’s Figure Skating.

Simply put, Plushenko is a sore loser. He needs to realize that it isn’t just about who can do the best trick, it’s about who can present the best overall performance. “You can’t be considered a true men’s champion without a quad,” he whined. Evidently, the judges and a lot of other people disagree. It isn’t up to Plushenko to decide what constitutes a world champion, although his demeanor from the start would suggest he doesn’t necessarily follow that train of thought either. In addition to suffering from diminished overall skating skills during his retirement, he seems to have experienced a retreat of good sportsmanship, and honor, while at the same time developing severe edema of the ego. Time for this one-trick dog to retire for real and spare us from suffering more his obnoxious prima donna styled self-worship.


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