Posted by: JDM..... | December 28, 2009

Obama’s merit badge…

I decided to read rather than write this morning so I wandered around blog-land to see what other people think about Obama’s health care shtick. I wasn’t surprised at some of what I read while at the same time I was a bit surprised at some of what I read.

It was no great news that the hard-core Democrats of Liberal-land were happy as drug addicts in a poppy field, and the usual “death panel” vigilantes were out in force from the right wing where the only difference between George Bush and Jesus Christ is that Jesus was probably more articulate.

Once the yin and yang of American political emotionalism was taken care of, I moved on in search of some intelligent discourse and diatribes. I found some well written pieces. Some I agreed with and some I didn’t, but I came away from my study with some disturbing observations.

It occurred to me that “moderates” of both major political parties seemed to demonstrate greater vision than the extremes of either, and to show a focus on what would be best for the country as a whole, not only in the short run but in the long run as well. Those clamoring the loudest for passage of the health reform bills were unmoving in their insistence that it was the absolute right thing to do whether flawed or not. There was the undertone that any “flaws” were simply misunderstandings or outright lies by the “right wing”, so they didn’t take such allegations seriously. Pass the damn bill. If there are problems, we can fix them later. Odd. Forty years earlier, their ideological opposites in support of the Viet Nam war advocated “shoot ‘em all….let God sort it out later.”

On the other side of the issue were some of the same old heralds of caution predicting government “death squads” and bemoaning the intrusion of Socialism into Washington. That’s a bit paranoid, in my opinion.

I was against passage of the Senate bill (which had passed by Christmas Eve), not because I think everything is just hunky-dory in Hospital-land, but because of the rabid insistence that the thing get shoved through before Christmas. That was pure, unadulterated politics, and had little if anything to do with what would be best for the country and the people in it. To me, it makes the entire movement suspect, and that is sad. Obama getting his Merit Badge for Christmas was the priority, plain and simple.

Another thing I noticed was the tendency of those advocating for the Democrat approach to health care to support their position by relating how it would help them personally. Certainly, that is a consideration for all of us, but what was glaringly absent was any glimmer of concern for the deficit it could create or the impact on future generations. This, on the other hand, was the main concern of those opposing the bill, while the benefit or negative impact on their own circumstances were secondary if mentioned at all.

The most block-headed of the extreme left would likely attribute this to the superior “wealth” of Republicans, since they assume all Republicans (or non-Democrats….same thing) are filthy rich and self indulgent while all Liberals are of modest means and even more modest (to the point of being self-flagetory) in their personal needs.

There isn’t enough room on that one for the storm cloud of flies fighting for a spot on it. I doubt I’m the only one opposed to ObamaCare living at or below the “poverty line”.

Thus, the support for Obama’s health care reform plan appears to be less altruistic than its hawkers would have us believe. In fact, I rather suspect it is either foolishly short sighted or brilliantly contrived to appeal to the “me first” mentality of today. Hopefully, this is equally obvious to others who would take a slower, more cautious path and thus unleash an energetic response to undo the damage before it can be written in stone by merging the Senate and House bills into one gigantic National Dildo.


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