Posted by: JDM..... | December 16, 2009

Like a serpent swallowing its own tail…. 

Think about it. Just about everyone says, at one time or another, “If I had a million bucks…..”. Most of us, of course, never fulfill, that fantasy, but for those who do, I’m sure the view from the top floor is a bit different than the one from ground level in many ways.

Obviously, it isn’t the miracle cure for everything that so many like to think it is. Wealthy people still die of accident and disease, suffer disappointment and heartbreak, and commit suicide. They also have to devote a considerable amount of their resources, both financial and mental, to fending off the greed and avarice of those who would conspire to relieve them of the products of their hard work or good fortune.

So, who is greedy, I am moved to ask. Is it the one who strives to protect what is his, or the one who conspires to take it away from him?

In my opinion, it is the latter. Armed with one flimsy fairy tale about a stingy man named Midas, they put great energy into trying to build a case that the mere possession of wealth is ex post facto evidence of wrongdoing rather than any specific deeds.

The men and women of the world who build hospitals and schools and libraries, as well as endow an endless list of charitable causes, are vilified during good times and bad by those who glibly contort the limits of language to rationalize their own parasitic existences.

During times of general prosperity, the screeching of the jealous and inadequate can be heard tossing around twisted credos of fairness and beggary as they demand a “cut” from those who are fortunate enough or skilled enough have more than they do.

During times of general uncertainty and economic strife, those same self-appointed and elected agents of those with that vague and relative quantity known as “less” shift into high gear and blame the downturn of the moment on the sins of those with “more”.

They are the jackals and vulchers of humanity, far more skilled at piracy and filling themselves at tables stocked by others than at hunting and providing for their own sustenance.

In Britain today, they are dealing with their hunger for more for those with less from those with more by upping the take from the wealthy to fifty percent of their income, while in the United States their peers are conspiring to recreate the benefits of the “haves” and promising it won’t cost anybody anything at all. Here at least, there appears to remain a vibrant but struggling air of skepticism sired by the nearly extinct element of traditional rugged individualism warning that the serpent is swallowing its own tail, but fewer listen over time. The meat is good.

The outcome is inevitable. At some point, the cupboard will be bare, and at whom will the self-righteous coveters scream their vitriol and blame then?


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