Posted by: JDM..... | November 24, 2009

Geese and ganders

Back in 2001, the world was outraged when the Islamic Taliban began demolishing ancient stone Buddhas in the southern Hazarajat region of what later became Afghanistan.

More recently, and closer to home, the US Supreme Court was hashing over whether or not to do the same thing, for similar reasons, to the 75 year old cross erected by WW I Veterans atop Sunrise Rock, in what later became the Mojave Desert Preserve.

I don’t know if all of that actually means anything or not, but it does tend to suggest something about the matter of geese and ganders and who gets to decide what’s good for whom.

After an appropriate moment of dead silence, those so moved may now indignantly holler in unison: “BUT THAT’S DIFFERENT!”


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