Posted by: JDM..... | November 5, 2009

Maine Unfurls “Stupid-Spinnaker” in the Political Correctness Regatta


In 1999, the Maine Legislature heard complaints by some residents of Aboriginal descent and responded by outlawing use of the word “Squaw” on all public places.  Apparently, in the dialects of some Aboriginal peoples, the word is less than complimentary to women.  Not everyone agreed with the new law, and the controversy continued as maps were redrawn and the people of Maine went about the business of reinventing the state, according to an approved menu of words provided by Government.

To date, I have not heard of any survey being taken to enumerate all ethnicities currently represented in Maine or to identify all of the languages which certainly must be mined for potential face-reddeners any of the rest of us might encounter.

However, earlier this year, Penobscot Nation representative, Wayne Mitchell sponsored a bill to broaden the 1999 law to prohibit “any derivation of squaw as a separate word or as part of a word or phrase in naming places.”  The result of this unbelievable piece of frivolous Narcissism is that one must consult a dictionary and a thesaurus before attempting to name place of public concern lest they inadvertently, or heaven forbid intentionally, coin a turn of phrase that even remotely sounds like the word “squaw”.

So, here we are approaching the close of 2009, and we have a whole new species of statutes, laws, vocabularies, and bureaucracies dedicated to dictating who may or may not qualify for special consideration, based upon specific qualifiers regarding race, religion, ethnicity, gender, gender preference, and an Christmas stocking  full of other items including everything but favorite vegetable.  We also have a whole new Lexicon-Taboo of words that may not be used, with specific qualifiers clearly based upon race, religion, ethnicity, gender, etc., including Maine’s stupid concerns about the word “squaw”.

I have suggested that the Maine State Motto be changed from “Dirigo” (I lead) to “ovis subsequens ovis” (sheep following sheep), but ironically, I bet if they tried it, the Legislature would be cowed by PETA and the bill would fizzle faster than a pole dance at a Vatican picnic……


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